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Axus Décor products were born out of the suggestions and opinions from decorators in our North-West London retail store. Through this direct customer interaction we learned what decorators like in their tools, and what they don’t. We have carefully curated this information and used it to create a tailored range of products based on the preference of people from within the industry. In designing these tools we hope we have made decorator’s lives easier, while also giving results that will impress decorator and client alike.

Axus Décor is also a member of the Professional Decorating Association, which is the premier trade and employers’ association for the painting and decorating industry in the UK. Being a member of the PDA distinguishes professional businesses from the crowd as they adhere to the PDA Code of Practice, showing their commitment to professional and quality workmanship. Axus Décor supports this Code of Practice and professional decorators throughout the UK by providing them with quality tools to carry out their work.

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If you have any suggestions or perhaps any additions that you would like to see in our range, please email us.