Axus Decor

Axus Decor

Axus Blue Precision Angled Cutter Brush

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  • AXU/BBA15 image
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This brush features a blend of synthetic filaments, tapered for releasing paint evenly onto the surface, and angled for easy 'cutting-in'.


  • Angled for cutting in
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel ferrule
  • Unvarnished, hardwood handle
  • Fine tapered synthetic filaments
  • Filaments are set firmly into an epoxy resin
  • Holds a large amount of paint for fast painting
  • Packaged in protective wallets that will help keep their shape after use
  • Wash after use in accordance with the paint manufacturer's instructions
  • Compatible with Brushmate vapour boxes
  • Use with all types of paint
  • Professional Brush


AXU/BBA1 1" (25mm) 5060128794095
AXU/BBA15 1.5" (38mm) 5060128794101
AXU/BBA2 2" (51mm) 5060128794118
AXU/BBA3 3" (76mm) 5060128794125