Axus Decor


100% Merino Sheepskin Roller Sleeve 9" Long Pile

The long pile, wonderful pelt of highly absorbent Australian merino wool that picks up a lot of paint and effectively applies to uneven or rough surfaces

 Our sheepskin rollers are well packed with pure Australian merino wool, known for its super softness. This means they hold a lot of paint and deliver an ultra smooth finish


  • Well packed with pure Australian merino wool
  • Very hardwearing sheepskin natural sheepskin fibres, longer lasting that most synthetic ones
  • Natural sheepskin is highly absorbent, so holds a lot of paint and gets the job done faster
  • Made with only Merino wool, which is very soft, perfect for an ultra smooth finish
  • Perfect for carrying high solid, low-VOC coatings - just like most of today's masonry paints
  • This roller is designed to fit a 9" Grey, Blue or Red Frame
  • Professional roller
  • Wash before use