Axus Decor


Grey Rough Surface Plus Roller 4" - Pack of 2

These highly absorbent mini roller sleeves pick up a large amount of paint, which means more coverage with each load. The extra long, deep pile also helps to hold more paint, and is effective for getting into rough surfaces, both inside and outside.


  • Incredibly durable fabric
  • Can be washed and reused countless times
  • Ultra absorbent for very fast coverage
  • PLUS+ core is larger than that of a conventional mini roller sleeve
  • Large core means more fabric can be wrapped around it for picking up more paint and even faster coverage
  • Deep pile easily gets into uneven surfaces
  • Use on rough exterior and interior walls and ceilings
  • Re-use countless times
  • Made to last
  • Sleeves will fit onto Axus Decor Immaculate Mini or Awkward Reach frames or similar
  • Wash before first use