Axus Decor


Grey Rough Surface Roller Sleeve Extra Long Pile 9"

This sleeve features an extra long pile, effective in getting into rough surfaces, both interior and exterior.


  • Highly absorbent for fast coverage
  • Soft fabric leaves a perfect finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Re-use countless times
  • Made to last
  • Wash before first use

This roller sleeve's soft fabric produces a perfect finish. The high absorbency allows the roller to hold a large amount of paint, giving more coverage on each load.

The fabric itself is incredibly durable, which means you can wash and re-use the roller countless times.

To support this, the roller fabric is heat-fused to the core, to prevent unwind and ensure maximum lifetime, even when used with the harshest of solvents.

The core diameter of this sleeve is 1.75" (44mm), so it should be fitted onto a matching Axus Decor or other suitably sized roller frame.