Axus Decor


Grey Captain Chunk Roller Kit 9" (1 x PMT10, PMT10L, RG9XXL, RFG9)

Our Ultimate Exterior Roller Kit


  • Roller made from high density fabric for maximum paint pick up
  • Our patented foam layer allows pressure to be varied to 'work into' uneven surfaces
  • Increased roller diameter allows 45% more pick up of paint
  • Soft, resilient fabric leaves a perfect finish and will endure hundreds of uses
  • The kit contains:
    • 1 x 9" 1 3.4" Core extra extra long pile sleeve
    • 1 x Ergonomic Immaculate Frame
    • 1 x 9" Megaroll Handy Drip Tray
    • 1 x 9" Megaroll Tray Liner
    • Use only with waterbased paints
    • Lifetime of roller is limited